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Thank you and goodbye

It has come time to say goodbye my friends. I’m retiring from management of the Hidalgo GOP Facebook page & website. It has been my duty and great honor to have shepherded this page from it’s infancy of just a few people to the 1,500 people who follow it now. It took quite some time and doing to make that happen, but I think it is wonderful and a reminder that we’re not alone. That’s a feeling we have all felt over the years here in Hidalgo, but it’s simply not the case. There are more of us out there than are letting on. I charge you all with continuing this great task upon us and uniting them all into a cohesive force for Conservative and Republican ideals.
I’ve served the local Republican Party for the last 12 years or so and have frequently been the first person in the building and the last one out to lock up. Answering phone calls and questions about how things work and processes that need to be followed. It’s not always fun, but procedures have to be followed to be done correctly.
I’ll not be gone completely though. You’ll still find me well engaged in local activism. You can always find me at the Pharr Rifle & Pistol Club page (or my personal page), managing all it’s functions as I have been doing much of for the past decade as well. In short, I’m still around. Just don’t call me after midnight to open or lock up the building!
Thank you for your support, those of you who have offered it over the years.
Signing Off,
Yours Truly
Kevin Ramsey
So long and thanks for all the fish.

Vacancy Committee meeting

The Vacancy Committee will be meeting at 6pm on August 2, 2018 at the GOP headquarters. Meetings are open and anyone wishing to attend may contact Melissa Knerr at (956)369-1389.

SD20 Resolutions Committee Final Meeting

The Resolutions Committee had adjourned for the evening but has one remaining Resolution to review. If you wish to attend their next meeting to complete the committee work, they will be doing so this Thursday, March 22, 2018 @ 7pm in the HQ.

Change of Location for SD20 Oganization Committee Meeting

Due to a scheduling conflict, the Organization Committee in SD20 will not be meeting at our HQ Tuesday for it’s committee work.

Instead, it will be meeting at 4800 N. 23rd @ 6:30pm on Tuesday March 20, 2018, which is the same location that the Nominations Committee will be meeting at, as previously posted.

SD20 Committee Meetings

RESOLUTIONS: Chaired by Laura Nunn – Monday @ 6:30pm meeting at HQ
CREDENTIALS: Chaired by Kevin Ramsey – Wednesday @ 7pm meeting at HQ
ORGANIZATION: Chaired by Diana Velez – Tuesday @ 7pm meeting at HQ 6:30pm @ 4800 N. 23rd St. in McAllen
RULES: Chaired by Zak Cantu – Wednesday @ 6:30pm meeting at HQ
NOMINATIONS: Chaired by Eric Knerr – Tuesday @ 6:30pm @ 4800 N. 23rd St. in McAllen
Note that SD20 Nominations committee will meet at 4800 N.23rd St. in McAllen, not at our Headquarters. The remaining meetings will occur at our HQ, located at 1109 W Nolana Ave Ste 306 in McAllen.

SD 27 Committee Meetings

SD 20 and SD 27 Committee Chairs – Please report all scheduled Committee Meetings to the Party Secretary for Posting on our Website. This will ensure that there is no conflicts regarding the use of HCGOP HQ

Tuesday, March 20, 2018 at HCGOP HQ. SD 27 Committee Meetings.

Credentials – Lily Quintana – 6:30 PM

Nominations – Cruz Quintana – 6:30 PM

Organization – Jonia Olvera – 6:30 PM

Resolutions – Alma Church – 7:00 PM

Rules – Not Filled Yet – 6:30 PM

Canvassing Meeting March 15, 2018 @ 6:30pm

This is your official notification that the canvassing of the vote of the 6 March 2018 Primary Election will take place, Thursday night, 15 March 2018 at 6:30pm at the GOP HQ.  This is an open meeting. Precinct Chairs should attend to canvass the tallies of their respective Precincts.

If you have never attended one before, it’s a short period of time, so won’t take too long.

Precinct Convention Training is now live on RPT’s website

It looks like we have a new for 2018 video uploaded to the Texas GOP website. If you are new to the Convention process, please take the time to watch this video before attending, so that you will have an understanding of the process and will be able to capably represent your Precinct and complete the necessary paperwork and turn it in prior to the County/Senate District Convention to follow 2 weeks later. Our 2018 Precinct Conventions will be this upcoming March 10th at CFC Church, located at 2201 Trenton Rd, McAllen, TX, at 1pm.

The process for Conventions is largely the same at all levels, with the major exception being that each successively higher level Convention will have a great many more Delegates. Your Precinct Convention might have 1, 2, 5, or 10 people show up. Your County/SD Convention will have over 100 Delegates. Your State Convention? Well.. there will be somewhere on the order of 15,000-20,000 people there, depending on how many attend! It’s important to attend all Conventions so you can gain an understanding of how they function and how you may participate in them. This begins with the Precinct level Convention. Watch this 45 minute training video beforehand so you know what to expect.

Precinct Conventions

The precinct convention is the first step in the political convention process.


  • Training


  • Materials
    • Precinct Convention Instructions (pdf)
    • Precinct Convention Script (pdf)
    • Exhibit A – Precinct Convention Minutes (pdf)
    • Exhibit A – Precinct Convention Minutes e-form (word)
    • Exhibit B – Precinct Convention Attendance and County/SD Convention Delegate/Alternate List (pdf)
    • Exhibit C – Passed Resolutions (pdf)
    • Exhibit D – Failed Resolutions (pdf)
    • Instructions to County Chair – 2018 Precinct Convention (pdf)
    • Oath of Affiliation (pdf)
    • Parliamentary-Motions-Chart (pdf)

If you plan to attend your Republican precinct convention, make sure you vote in the Republican Primary Election. Alternatively, you may sign an oath of affiliation at the precinct convention stating that you will not participate in other parties’ business during this convention cycle.

The convention is usually called to order by the precinct chair. If the precinct chair is not present, any participant may begin the meeting. There is no minimum number of people who must be present to hold a precinct convention. If you are the only person present, you can still hold the precinct convention. A precinct convention packet may be available, or you may use the forms provided on this page.

Participants at the precinct convention first elect permanent convention officers, usually a convention chair and secretary. They then elect delegates and alternates to the county/SD convention. Finally, they consider and vote on any resolutions presented by a participant.

To be valid, all completed paperwork must be submitted to the county Republican party two to three days after the precinct convention is held.

In the event of website failure, this content is mirrored from https://www.texasgop.org/precinct-conventions/

Early Voting underway now, Election Day is March 6th

Hello fellow local Republicans! It’s been a busy first week of Early Voting here in Hidalgo County. Have you been following the news?

If you’re unsure who your Republican candidates for office are, here’s a complete list for you to review of all races statewide during this Primary.

2018 Republican Primary Roster list

2018 Republican Primary Roster list

Tom Mechler resigns position as Chairman of the Republican Party of Texas

Dear Friends,

Over the past two years, we’ve accomplished so much together. We successfully orchestrated one of the largest, most financially successful state conventions in recent history. We oversaw the largest primary election in Texas history, and then played a monumental role in helping elect Donald Trump as our new president. We shepherded in more Republican elected officials than we’ve ever had before in Texas, and we’ve developed our most aggressive and targeted engagement program in party history. These past two years have been some of the most rewarding of my life. I cannot tell you what a privilege it is to work alongside each of you and to fight daily for something that matters so much to people across our great state.

But these past two years have also been tough. With the fluctuations in the oil industry, my family struggled to financially stay afloat. At one point, I even had to sell off equipment just to keep my business in the black. While the financial struggles were significant, I knew that the work we were doing at the RPT was just as important. So we persisted. The work we were doing- the things we were accomplishing- made it all worth it.

However, my finances were not the only thing that took a hit. Over the past two years, I’ve spent over 80% of my time away from home. Whether in Austin or speaking to Republicans across Texas, serving as State Chairman took a considerable amount of time away from home. While we were making great strides in our party, my family was suffering. These past two years have been a whirlwind of activity and success, but they’ve also been a series of absences. A few weeks ago, my daughter called to tell me that my grandchildren missed their grandpa. And it broke my heart. I may have sacrificed time, money, and business for this position, but the people making the biggest sacrifice are my 6 children, 16 grandchildren, and my beautiful wife Becky.

Two weeks ago, my wife and I took a week-long cruise. What was intended to be a quick week away to rest and relax turned into an opportunity to have a real conversation about where our life was at.

Friends, this job is hard. The time commitment, financial commitment, stress, and overwhelming responsibility takes its toll. After a lot of prayer and reflection, I’ve decided that it is time for me to focus on my family. A few minutes ago, I submitted my resignation, effectively immediately, to our RPT secretary.

Please know this is not a decision I make lightly. It is after long conversations with my family and lots of prayer that I’ve come to the conclusion that this is the best decision for me and my family. I wanted you to be the first to know. Two years ago, the SREC elected me to serve in this important role. We’ve grown together. Though we may not always agree, I’ve come to view each of you as my “political family.” I am so grateful for the confidence you’ve placed in me, the sacrifices you’ve all made to help lead this party, and the successes we’ve had together. I am confident that each of you will continue to lead this party with conviction and intention.

When I first took on this role, it was my vision that our Party would be more united. After one of the most divisive primary elections and heated legislative sessions in recent history, our Party needs to work harder than ever to come together. A party that is fractured by anger and backbiting is a party that will not succeed. It is no secret that our party is divided into factions. It is also no secret that those factions frequently throw rocks at each other. As I prepare to leave this role, my hope is that every faction of this party will treat each other with kindness and respect. Though we may disagree on certain issues, we are all part of the same Republican, conservative family. When we work together and treat each other with respect, we are stronger.

My second goal was for our party to look more like Texas. We live in a diverse state. As the demographics continue to change, our state will soon have a majority-minority voting age population. If we do not continue to make efforts to engage in the diverse communities across Texas, our state will turn blue. This is no longer just a possibility, it is an inevitable reality if we fail to act. Over the past two years, engagement has been my biggest passion. We’ve taken unprecedented strides, and we’ve generated remarkable results.  As the SREC selects who will serve as your next state chairman, I encourage them to find someone with this same passion. If we do not engage in the diverse communities across Texas, we will lose the state, then the nation, and there may be no coming back.

Serving as your State Chairman has been one of the greatest honors of my life. As we prepare for this transition, please know that I will always be here to support the great work you are doing.  What makes our party special is an unwavering commitment to family values. For every true Republican, the order is God, family, politics. Today, I’m choosing to be there for my family.

Please feel free to call me if you have any questions.