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Thank you and goodbye

It has come time to say goodbye my friends. I’m retiring from management of the Hidalgo GOP Facebook page & website. It has been my duty and great honor to have shepherded this page from it’s infancy of just a few people to the 1,500 people who follow it now. It took quite some time and doing to make that happen, but I think it is wonderful and a reminder that we’re not alone. That’s a feeling we have all felt over the years here in Hidalgo, but it’s simply not the case. There are more of us out there than are letting on. I charge you all with continuing this great task upon us and uniting them all into a cohesive force for Conservative and Republican ideals.
I’ve served the local Republican Party for the last 12 years or so and have frequently been the first person in the building and the last one out to lock up. Answering phone calls and questions about how things work and processes that need to be followed. It’s not always fun, but procedures have to be followed to be done correctly.
I’ll not be gone completely though. You’ll still find me well engaged in local activism. You can always find me at the Pharr Rifle & Pistol Club page (or my personal page), managing all it’s functions as I have been doing much of for the past decade as well. In short, I’m still around. Just don’t call me after midnight to open or lock up the building!
Thank you for your support, those of you who have offered it over the years.
Signing Off,
Yours Truly
Kevin Ramsey
So long and thanks for all the fish.

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