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Finishing Strong #TexasStrong

  • November 2, 2018
  • By Admin: Cristina Garfield
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The Victory Rally in the Valley was “Electrifying,” said Sen. Ted Cruz (R) after a string of rallies with record shattering numbers for the Rio Grande Valley. Sen Cruz took up a bus tour as part of his Get Out The Vote efforts and made 3 stops in the RGV before heading back to rally with the rest of the state. Monday, October 29th, 2018, marked the start of the second week into early voting for this Midterm Election following a record turnout on the first week. One polling site alone turned out almost 5 times the ballots cast in the previous midterm of 2014. “We are seeing people come out and vote almost like it’s a presidential election. It’s been amazing!” said Marshall Rankin of McAllen/Hidalgo County.

Harlingen’s Rally set a record for the Valley with 2,200 supporters in attendance; so many people reserved their tickets early, that the Cruz campaign had to scramble to find a bigger venue to house the event. Even after booking Christian Fellowship Church, which is huge according to Harlingen residents, there were still people standing.

In Mission, TX, another gigantic crowd gathered. People packed into a waiting room, almost busting at the seams, as Royal Technologies and the #CruzCrew readied the staging area for the crowd to flood in. Another 2,000 people chanted and applauded loudly as Sen. Cruz entered the standing room only area.

“Being at the Cruz Rally was an electrifying experience. You could feel the energy, and excitement of the crowd. Texans are eager to support a candidate who has the courage to defend the Constitution, America, and, most of all, Texas!” commented Liza Lago, McAllen/Hidalgo County resident. 

“I have not voted yet and now I am more certain than ever to go and make sure I vote “RED!” Senator Cruz made it very clear what is at stake in Texas and for America if the Democrats win key positions!” Juan Herrera attended the Harlingen rally if he hasn’t already taken the time to vote since Monday, he will on Election Day, November 6th.

Children stood by their parents in anticipation to see Cruz walk onto the stage and hear his message, instead of being in school. People proudly wore their stars and stripes, red shirts, or #Maga hats. The energy in both rallies held in the RGV were taken in by the Cruz Campaign in all their glory as they expressed that these rallies were probably the best rallies held throughout the state.

Hidalgo County and the Rio Grande Valley have been branded by the Democratic Party, however it seems as there is real change in the air and in the voting booths. “The Victory Rally in the Valley proved to many nay-sayers that there are Republicans in Hidalgo County, and that the Sleeping Giant has finally awoken. The tide is changing and for the RIGHT reasons,” says Hidalgo County GOP Chairwoman, Adrienne Peña-Garza, “Our area might be historically blue, but be prepared; there is a Red and Purple Tsunami about to hit!”


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